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Roderick Aguilar, CIO, Coffey Geosciences said about Snapshot EFB.

"After the MyDoom.F virus destroyed our server in one of our branches we were back up in 4 hours with Snapshot EFB instead of several days with tape backups. We have 11 sites and 650 seats and all our files are backed every day and can be accessed directly by our users if they need any file via an internet browser. We have got rid of our tape nightmares and we only need to change the disk caddy every week. I get notified by automatic email daily if there is a problem at any of our backups. Now, I do not have to rely on the staff at the remote sites to change the tapes every day and report . We have been using Snapshot EFB for 2 years and we are very happy with it."


Interested? Free 250 gb hard drive with every installation.  of our backups server. Call  61 2 9994 8984

Snapshot.EFB backup software eliminates the problems with traditional tape based backup systems and even the new backup over the internet systems (Remote Backup Systems).

What’s so good about Snapshot.EFB?

  • Peace of Mind. No more incremental backups. The system does a Full Backup of every PC/Server every night on your network. For my company I am backing up my PC/laptops every night and my production and development servers every Monday night. I have increased my peace of mind as I know I can restore any file from any day in the last 6 months.
  • Throw out your tape drive. No more worrying which tape the file you need is on or if the tape has degraded. All data is stored on 120 gb ide drives that are in hot swap removable caddies. Backups are automatically synchronised to the disk drive in the caddy. The 120 gb disk drive can last for 6 to 12 months depending on the files that are changing. i.e. large database files that change every day are going to take more space than small files.
  • Small data volumes means less data movement across the network. Compression and smart backup algorithm ensures only small amounts of data get backed up every night. A file is only stored once on the backup server if it does not change. This means the first backup is slower and large, then subsequent backups are small and fast. Backups over wan’s and vpn’s are now affordable and won’t use up your bandwidth.
  • Image Backups. You can also do PC drive image backups for the first backup which means you can do a full image restore to any computer.
  • Less Administration Time. Users can restore their own files. They can connect to the backup server via a web browser and navigate to the file they want restored. They do not have access to other backups on the server.
  • Backup different Operating Systems. If you need to backup Windows, UNIX or Linux then this is the system for you.
  • Easy to use. You use an internet browser to select and schedule backups and restores.
  • Data Safety. The 120gb removable is kept off site in a shock proof water proof case. If you have 2 caddies rotating offsite then you have a high level of data security.
  • Inexpensive Data Archives. When the 120gb ide drive is full, you can store it as an 6 month archive and buy a new one for $130, or clear it down and start again.
  • Backup Database Servers. Shuts down database servers before a backup and restarts them after a backup.
  • Scalable and Stable Snapshot.EFB server will backup 5 to 250 computers every night. It runs on the rock solid and free Linux operating system. It will also run on Windows Servers and other UNIX servers.
  • Fast restores. Files take as long to restore as it does to copy them to your PC over your network.
  • Internet Support. If something does go wrong with the backup system we can support you over the internet.
  • Price. Similar to equivalent tape backup solutions.


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