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What is Business Intelligence?

Ask yourself these questions. 

Do you have enough timely information available to make fast, informed  business decisions? 

What is the direct impact on your business by making poor uninformed decisions? 

Many Business owners and managers still do not have enough quality information to proactively manage their business. How can this be? 

We all have lots of reports and reporting tools. Most computer systems spew out lots of reports and information. Right? Wrong! 

Managers have lots of information, they just don’t have information that 

  • is Timely 
  • is Relevant
  • Predicts what is going to happen by doing business as usual or changing a strategy.
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Hierarchy & Master Data Management

Allows Business users to centrally manage their Business Reporting Structures (Hierarchies or Dimensions) and key Master Data


Business Intelligence and Company Reporting Solutions must have standardised company wide Hierarchy & Master Data to achieve maximum value.


  • Allows users to quickly create alternate reporting structures not found in order entry and accounting systems. Save on costly modifications to these systems.
  • Eliminates the time spent by short staffed IT departments in resolving hierarchy issues. Pushes responsibility for master data and hierarchies back to the business where it belongs.
  • Guarantees integrity of hierarchy data. Ensures accuracy of Company reports and reduces Cube (Business Intelligence databases) build times.
  • Generates structure and master data for with the company reporting system or data-warehouse. Including Cognos Powerplay & Report.Net,SAP BW, MS Analysis Services and Reporting Services.
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Reporting & Planning Systems

Our simple, powerful systems resolve the following business issues:

  • Does your computer system take hours or days to get useful, timely information?
  • Automatically generate reports and forecasts to:
    • predict end of year P&L and Balance Sheet.
    • allocate overhead expenses.
    • predict and manage sales.
    • manage inventory and create stock orders.
    • manage finance and operational budgets.

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Unique Backup Technology

  • Are you 100% certain you can get back any file your company needs from any day from any desktop or server computer?
  • How long does it take you to restore a computer to full working order after a virus attack? Are you confident you can?
  • Throw away your tape drive. No more incremental backups, no daily media changes.
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