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What our customers Say

"Without MDM we would not have discovered a solution. We almost canned our Store Distribution Reporting System and lost a significant investment. Until we spoke to MDM we could not properly analyse and measure our performance from the store data collected by our sales representatives. We get the information we need from the MDM’s web site every week. MDM acted very professionally, listened carefully to our requirements, kept us fully informed at every stage and delivered exactly what we needed. I would recommend them to anybody who has complex reporting requirements. "

Terry Toffolo
Trade Systems and Information Manager.
Consumer Brands, Carter Holt Harvey now SCA Hygiene Australia

MDM the Company

MDM has been an innovative Business Intelligence service provider since formation in 1997. Since then, MDM has continued to gain in reputation by delivering high value reporting and planning systems. We have now introduced other software products to our range to service the ever increasing challenges that business faces today.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is pretty simple. Put simply we are on the customers side. Let me explain. When we sell a product or service we make sure we don't make promises we can't keep to get the sale, we pick the best product/software for the job which is going to deliver the best overall solution, we disclose the good and bad about the solution (sometimes our suppliers don't like this) and when we charge, it is only after we have delivered outstanding value.

This means our people,software solutions and other companies we partner with are some of the best in the industry.

What does this mean for you?

When we say we can do something, you can bet you life we can.Although some of the solutions we implement are complex and difficult, we rarely miss delivering the business requirement. In any case you won't pay a thing if we do not deliver what we say we can.

We are not prepared to cut corners, deliver sub standard systems or gloss over any short comings of the software we implement.

We manage our implementations so that we do one subject area at a time. This means your commitment is always small, your risk is low and you only pay when you see real value has been delivered.



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